Marine_Oil and gas and minerals extraction_Rob Tucker

Non-Seismic Land, Air and Marine Geophysical Surveys

  • Gravity Surveys
  • Magnetic Surveys
  • Spectrometric Surveys
  • Marine 2D and 3D Controlled Source Electro-Magnetic (CSEM) Survey
  • Frequency and Time Domain Electro-Magnetic Surveys


  • Offshore and Onshore Rig Supply
  • Shallow and Deep water Drilling Equipment and Services
  • Offshore and Onshore Mud Logging Equipment and Services
  • Geotechnical Investigations and Geo Hazard Surveys


  • Offshore Equipment for FPSO, MOPU, Platforms
  • Waste Heat Recovery Units (WHRU) and Heat Exchangers
  • Offshore Valves including Butterfly, Gate, Globe, Check, Ball, Control Valves
  • Produced Water Conditioners for EOR
  • Floating and Mobile Cranes for Platforms
  • Vibration Monitoring Systems
  • Towing and handling equipment to Marine Seismic Industry – Ropes, Hardware, Deflectors GEOPOL AS
  • Provision of Offshore Vessels including MSVs, OSVs, DSVs, PSVs, Offshore Barges
  • Subsea Pipeline Installation and Repair
  • Pipeline Corrosion Inhibitors and Chemicals
  • Deep Air , Saturation and Mixed Gas Diving Equipment and Services
  • Deep Sea Salvage Services
  • Met-Ocean Survey and Weather Forecasting Services
  • Oil Spill Response

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